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Florida Man


Sunset Village

A Florida man, racked with guilt, sets out to dig up his dead father and give him the proper Viking funeral he always wanted. 

A recent widow moves to an infamous Florida retirement community and is swept into the underground drug and sex culture of a senior-citizen Neverland where venereal disease rates are the highest in the nation and everyone's trying to outrun the sunset.

Cedar Key

Trailer Park Elegy

Held captive by the ghosts of a storied family legacy, an incompetent hero in a sleepy island town battles a hurricane.

While working at a trailer park to escape the publicity from a dark episode in his recent past, Elijah finds the cremated remains of a woman sitting forgotten on a shelf for the past 17 years. The effort to uncover the woman’s lost humanity pushes Elijah and his eccentric friends to the brink of ruin. This dark, funny play challenges the audience to find value in even the worst among us.


Where the Rivers Meet

With malevolent A.I. forces closing in, and the fall of man all but assured, an Appalachian family refuses to go gently into the night.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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